Expert Neutral Directory

Dr. Ernest Thiessen Peng, PHD

Dr. Ernest Thiessen is a top level Certified Smartsettle Facilitator. Dr.Thiessen is also the Founder and President of Smartsettle (iCan Systems Inc). He has led iCan’s development team since 1993 in to create the world’s first comprehensive negotiation system. The Smartsettle eNegotiation system is based on research that Ernest directed at Cornell University, where he received a PhD in Civil Engineering with a specialty in Water Resources Systems Planning and Analysis. Ernest also directs the… More

Peter Holt BSc, CEng, MIET

Peter Holt is Chief Product Development Officer at iCan Systems Inc. Peter is well-travelled with experience spanning the globe across many sectors including, military, government, global aerospace corporations and not for profit. As a UK Chartered Engineer, Peter has been operating for the past few years primarily in the consulting field. Peter has spent the last year focusing on becoming fully conversant with the Smartsettle family of applications and exploring approaches to improve product development. As a trained facilitator, he continues to gain client experience and works on defining their needs through the development of new scenarios, simulations and trials... More

Graham Ross

I am an accredited business mediator and negotiator specializing in the art of negotiating solutions as opposed to burning money through the courts. I am a recognized expert in the fast developing field of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) which exploits the power of technology to facilitate resolution.

Anthony Penner BCIS

Anthony is a professional software developer with years of experience building complex applications. He has developed against various languages and platforms, and is always working on learning the latest technologies. Anthony likes open source, clean development styles, and convention over configuration. Having been directly involved in the creation of Smartsettle ONE and also with real-life experience with Infinity, Anthony is intimately familiar with the inner workings of this innovative collaboration system. Anthony loves the sincerity behind Smartsettle’s objective of going beyond win-win for all parties and is excited to help promote it’s many practical applications… More

Carissa Boynton

Carissa is a senior researcher, trainer and expert Smartsettle facilitator at iCan Systems Inc. Carissa has been employed as a facilitator, trainer and other related positions since 2003 and has been involved in a variety of complex negotiations during that period. She is an expert user of the entire suite of Smartsettle negotiation products from ONE to Infinity. Carissa has a passion for efficiency and fairness that she brings to her work, and cultivates leadership in the community through volunteer involvement at museums, discussion forums and theatre. Carissa is both well read and well traveled, and brings an intelligent global perspective to the company. Her optimistic and professional attitude is beneficial in teaching people how Smartsettle can be used to achieve timely and optimal results in very complex situations… More