About Smartsettle

Smartsettle is a secure online negotiation system for parties seeking a formal agreement. Smartsettle covers a broad spectrum of situations. Whatever your negotiation is about, it can be started here. Our self-contained system called Smartsettle ONE is completely online, designed for two-parties in cases that can be simplified to one numerical issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

is an optional feature of Smartsettle that virtually eliminates the tedious negotiation dance that characterizes ordinary negotiations. Parties are encouraged to start with visible proposals that communicate what their best outcome for the negotiation would be. Smartsettle then generates Suggestions that fall between the visible proposals exchanged by the parties. Any party may place a secret acceptance on any Suggestion. The secret acceptance indicates what that party would be willing to agree to, despite it not being their ideal outcome. An agreement is declared at the end of a session if there is an overlap among accepted packages (or just single values in the case of Smartsettle ONE). If no deal is reached, parties are free to seek other means to resolve their issues without having revealed any confidential information.
All the unresolved issues are negotiated simultaneously as a single package. Parties reach agreement when they accept the same package.
When parties use Visual Blind Bidding, Smartsettle is able to speed up negotiations by rewarding generosity. If there is an overlap of the secret bids then Smartsettle gives most of that overlap to the party who was first to move to a place close to where an agreement could occur.
If there is no deal in final
Instead of talking about each concession and the justifications behind them or criticizing the other party for not making bigger concessions, you can explain your feelings and appeal to objective criteria if that is necessary to help the other party understand where a fair solution might lie.
Smartsettle uses a comprehensive approach to solving negotiation problems, dealing with all the issues as a complete package. For that purpose, Smartsettle requires parties to first create an Framework, which is like the final agreement except for blanks representing unresolved issues.
If an agreement does not occur quickly using the Smartsettle interface, parties may also use a robust chat functionality for free ranging discussion. Parties may also upload any type of file to support their negotiation. If these methods are not adequate there is nothing stopping them from talking on the phone or arranging face-to-face meetings.
Smartsettle is applicable to many types of formal negotiations. A few specific areas across the spectrum from simple to complex are Property Assessment, Small Claims, Buyer/Seller Price Negotiations, Auction Price, Debt Resolution, Family conflict, Community Planning, Procurement, Collective Bargaining, Mergers & Acquisitions, and International Treaties.